Live bank data and insights

Direct from your customer's online bank account to you

Make smarter affordability decisions and reduce operational overheads

Open Banking is coming, but today DirectID is the fastest and easiest way to get real-time bank data powering your business.

Smart Affordability Decisions

Credit and bureau data can be out of date by up to 18 months. DirectID Digital Bank Statements increase accuracy in credit and affordability decisions and ensure you're lending responsibly.

  • 3-12 months bank transactions
  • Bank accounts, credit cards and more
  • Over 500 million bank customers in 32 countries
  • Categorisation and verified income insights
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Increase Operational Efficiency

Automate or streamline manual underwriting and customer onboarding processes with DirectID and increase operational efficiency by up to 60%.

  • 25 second user experience
  • Cut call centre time in half
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Workflow management
  • Performance and conversion analytics
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Get up and running fast

Want the benefits of bank data without the delay of complex IT integration projects? With DirectID we can get you up and running inside a week with our flexible implementation options.

  • Fully hosted service
  • Prepackaged user experience
  • Multi-user management and reporting dashboard
  • Developer documentation
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Global Coverage

Bank verified identities

Connections to over 5000 banks in 32 countries, covering 500+ million business and consumer bank account holders.

Digital bank statements

Between 90 and 365 days of transaction history across multiple account types - checking, current accounts, savings and credit.

Insights and intelligence

Verified Income, Best Time to Collect, Repayment Certainty to help take more accurate decisions, faster.

Customers and Partners